Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Willie Nelson With Merle Haggard In Texassss

How about this beauty! Approx 11x35" S/N Ed of only 150 by Billy Perkins! Newly added to our website at

New UBER cool 10 color Loretta Lynn Poster

Quite a hum dinger of a poster in stock... Loretta Lynn 10 color collab between Powerhouse Industries and Hatch Show prings. Approx 18x24" S/N ED of only 100! Check our webpage for more of those cute details if you want one on yer wallz!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Another purty phoster!
Freshly in stock. A new Modest Mouse poster by Punchgut for Fargo ND!! Wooo wooo!! Approx 13x25 S/N ED Of 90. Email us or check our webpage if you have any interest.. THX OMG LOL!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Justin Hampton's in stock

Just in stock 5 new Justin Hampton posters in stock... most are already sold out on his site! If you wanna get one, check out our site at or drop us an email at

Wolfmother in London 26x29" S/N Ed Of 200
My Morning Jacket In Denver 26x31" S/N Ed Of 150

Decemberists In Vienna 17x28" S/N Ed Of 250

The Melvins In Austin 18x24" S/N Ed of 150

The Roots In Seattle And Portland 20x20" S/N Ed of 200

Monday, March 19, 2007

freshly in stock is a new bob weir poster by darren grealish. approx 13x19" and very groovy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Aussie Land Posters In Stock Tool-Neko Case and more Oh My!

Hey all you guys.. Some great new additions to our site... simply check em out at or email us at thanks guys!!!! Tool 20x28" by Taylor S/N Ed

My Chemical Romace By Cooper 20x28" S/N Ed

Muse By Cooper 20x28" S/N Ed

NOFX By Greulich 20x28" S/N Ed

Neko Case by Greulich 20x28" S/N Ed

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Morning yallz... We added 4 new posters to our website. Feel free to email us or check our site with questions... Also, take a moment to thank your mom she had sex with your dad.. thanks.
Blood Brothers On Valentines Day 2007 In Italy. Numbered edition of 150 20x28"
Mark Lanegan 2007 Silkscreen Signed Edition of 140 14x27" Italy Show

Deerhoof 2005 Silkscreen By Wang S/N ed of 50 14x21"

Shins in Utah By Bone 19x25" S/N Ed Of Only 189

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Morning March 12th

So... there was no good tv on last night... we totally revisited the sopranos... so friggin good.. i miss big pussy. 2 New posters added to the site and a SUPER UBER SECERET poster that isnt on the site but you might be able to get if you are nice to me... This beauty above is by Darren Grealish approx 16x23" S/N Ed of 180. Small variant edition of 14 on blue paper too...

This beauty is for the roots in San Diego... by Darren Grealish too.. approx 16x23" s/n ed of 180 AND... a small variant edition of only 20.. on jet black paper... rumor has it, i might have a few.. omg lol!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007 Blog Start

Hey yallz... with the tons of people that have requested to be on our mailing list, we have decided instead (grasping technology)... to simply announce happenings.. and additions to our website HERE. So check in, have a drink, and see what is added to the page at your leisure.. we will try our best not to bore you... but i just turned 36... so... its bound to happen.

Added on March 9th

Of Montreal By Strawberryluna 16x22" S/N Ed Of 100... check our site for details if interested!
ps. today im listening to Spoon.
feel free to contact me at my email or check out our webpage thanks!